Weddings & Civil Partnerships.
Are you looking for an alternative to a religious ceremony and find the idea of a Registry Office wedding  to be too brief and formulaic?

 As your professional celebrant I can offer you that alternative. Working in collaboration with you, your wedding ceremony will be written & devised so that the actual "service" will be totally personal and meaningful to you both,  offering a truly memorable  occasion. Complete the paperwork and  wording required by law in a Registry Office, in the presence of two witnesses. This takes 10 - 15 minutes - no rings, vows or special outfits necessary!! With the legalities over you are now free to have the actual wedding ceremony (with the rings, vows & special outfits!) when & wherever you wish.

(A little  known fact is that a wedding conducted by a Registrar in a licensed venue has to take place  under cover and be static. Thus, if you would like to get married on a moving boat, train or hot air balloon etc, that is not legally possible!)
Once you have the marriage certificate the sky's the limit-perhaps literally!

If you decide to choose me as your celebrant I will meet with both of you to discuss how you would like the ceremony to be "choreographed" and which vows, readings, poems & pledges you wish to include.
 A rehearsal takes place before the actual day.
"Do all things with love" - Og Mandino
Partnership  commitment
Are you intending to live together but don't feel the need to actually get married? You can still have a special ceremony to celebrate your decision to share a life together. As your celebrant I will help you to experience a special occasion where you can voice your commitment to each other and your hopes & aspirations for the future. This can take place in any location you choose and be as formal or informal as you please.
Renewal of Vows.
No certificate needed! Have a ceremony to celebrate the times you have shared, to re-affirm your love for each other and the reasons why you are still together. A special day inviting all your family & friends to join in your happiness.
"There is no limit to the power of loving" - John Morton

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